Human nature is complex, our circumstances and the people in our lives help to shape our experiences and choices, and the human spirit is irrepressible

In addition to my private practice, I have been employed in various mental health and substance abuse treatment settings since 2000.  Due to the complexity of the human condition, I believe in continually striving to improve my professional knowledge and clinical expertise through ongoing education, training, and scientific research, so that I may successfully meet the mental health needs of my clients.   

Mental health challenges often manifest within the context of traumatic life experiences, and I specialize in treating survivors of trauma.   I work with survivors of interpersonal violence, sexual assault, racism, transphobia, and hate crimes.  I have served as expert witness in legal proceedings for asylum seekers due to persecution, torture, and political violence.

An important part of my treatment philosophy recognizes that socio-cultural factors shape individuals' experiences and impact their mental wellbeing.  My approach is culturally-sensitive, flexible, and respectful of clients' priorities, beliefs, identities and values.

I am committed to life-long learning and professional skill development

After obtaining a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, I earned a Masters in Psychology with a major in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling under the supervision of Dr. Jenifer Talley, psychologist in Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, and in practice with its developer and world renowned expert, Dr. Andrew Tatarsky.  I am currently completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Throughout my career I have sought opportunities for professional training and experience in as many areas of mental health as possible, so that I have become proficient in multiple areas of clinical practice.