Maybe you have noticed that the same conflicts are happening over and over again in your relationship, that it's hard to let go of the past, to have trust in your partner, to have your needs met, to stop falling into the same communication traps over and over again.  Many issues can get in the way of healthy relationships, including substance misuse, feelings of betrayal, lack of trust, anger, differences in values or life goals, emotional or physical abuse, verbal altercations.

There is a way out of that endless cycle, a way of communicating that enables you and your partner to really hear and understand each other, and create the relationship you want.  As your counselor, my role is not to judge or to take sides, it is to create a space in which you and your partner can begin to understand your dynamic and start to change it through improved communication and conflict resolution.  

These techniques are also very helpful for family members, especially between parents and adolescent or adult children who are experiencing ongoing conflicts, arguments, and tension.

Poly and kink relationships are welcome.